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So, Fred Evans Sister is an Olympic Bobsledder

So, I guess technically Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle, Fred Evans, is still a member of the team, right? If my math numbering is correct, I think he's a free agent heading into the 2014. But so is Kevin Williams. And while I'd much rather see Williams back, the money makes more sense to bring Evans back and call it a day while Sharrif Floyd develops into a nice starter. Or whatever. Where am I going with this?

So, since I'm pretty sure the Olympics start today (Right? They are still doing that?), and since a player who I think currently is – or at least soon will be associated – with the team has a family connection with the Olympics, how timely would it be for us to point it all out? USA! USA!

So, yeah, Fred Evans sister, Aja Evans, will be competing in bobsledding for the USA in the Sochi Olympics.

Aja had a nice little article printed/poster on her this week in the Chicago Tribune, which highlighted her dedication to training to become an Olympic bobsledder. Which of course is news to me, both because I didn't even know Fred Evans had a sister, and that I didn't even know the Olympics were starting this weekend. Is that why all my favorite shows are going on hiatus for a month? DAMN YOU OLYMPICS!

Being a bobsledder sounds pretty cool, though. You'd probably naturally assume that there isn't much actually physical training you have to do specifically for a bobsledder, and as far as I can tell, that's more or less correct. The training you do isn't necessarily "lift this weight to bobsled this way" or anything, but just to be an impressive physical athlete, and then work on your technique as a bobsledder. Think of it as Joe Webb being an athlete, and then playing both QB and WR at the NFL level, but good. That's what Aja sounds like she is.

I also learned that Aja isn't the only athlete in Fred Evans family. He's also cousins with LA Angels outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. So that probably means something.

Either way, now you have something to keep an eye out for during the Olympics; a Vikings tie that you never knew existed. Isn't it a small world??!