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So Teddy Bridgewater Signed a Sword

What do we call him now? King of the North? Teddy Stabwater? Lord Viking?

So, Teddy Bridgewater signed a Vikings’ fans sword. At a Caribou Coffee. In Mankato, Minnesota. And the Caribou Coffee staff and the Minnesota Vikings staff all were cool with it, apparently. Yeah, I don’t know how this story gets any weirder.

A Minnesota Vikings Reddit bro shared a handful of pictures of his shenanigans from Sunday afternoon when he went to a Caribou Coffee to meet new Vikings holder of hopes and dreams, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater was there because apparently Sundays are off days for the Vikings during training camp (what’re you doing, going to church or something?! Get out there and practice!), and instead of holing himself up in his dorm room looking at pictures of Adrian Peterson and Wolverine, he actually went out in the community (if we want to call Mankato a “community” …) and met some fans. It was a cool thing for him to do, get behind the counter of a Caribou and hang out for a bit, but then these Vikings fans took sh*t to the next level, yo.

As the Reddit bro tells it:

“We actually went into the store before Teddy arrived and asked the store manager and Minnesota Vikings representative if it would be ok if we brought in the sword. They were okay with it and no one really said anything to us during the process. A few people had a good chuckle when we presented the sword to Teddy and he did as well. During the photo I asked if would unsheathe the sword and he just smiled and said no.”

Teddy wouldn’t “unsheath the sword”? Well, of course not, not in public, man! That’s saved for Adrian Peterson/Wolverine time, of course.

Anyway, I would guess there probably aren’t a lot of people who can say they own a sword that was signed by Teddy Bridgewater, so I guess that’s cool. But you know what would be even COOLER? If this fan can some day say “I have a sword signed by the starting quarterback for the Vikings who FINALLY won them a Super Bowl!” Yeah. That would be WAY cooler.