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Some Jerk Actually Owns this Vikings Shirt

Hi! Want your Tuesday to be ruined! Check out this awesome Minnesota Vikings 2009 NFC Champions t-shirt that some jerk apparently owns!

Did you just black out in a fit of rage and kill everything in your path? Thought so! How fun!

Some equally upset Reddit bro found this shirt recently while searching Ebay. Don't know if it's already been sold or not, but I'm wondering, as a Vikings fan, would you even really want to own a shirt like this? Would it be "cool" enough and rare enough that you'd want it as a piece of team history? Or would you just start kicking your foot into a door jam every time you saw it until your foot become a bloody pulpy mess? Because at some point you would likely decide that having this stark reminder in front of you at all times PROBABLY wouldn't be worth it.

But it's not all bad! Think about those poor African kids who have been walking around for four years with a reality where the Minnesota Vikings won the 2009 NFC Championship game? Where the Saints didn't cheat their way to the top? Where Brett Favre and his Silver Dong went out a winner? Where Visanthe Shiancoe got to play in a Super Bowl for us? Wouldn't that be an awesome reality to live in? Maybe you could buy this shirt and join those poor kids and be a little bit deader inside, forgetting what ACTUALLY happened. Maybe that world of ignorance and bliss is the BEST world. Should we find out?

Yeah, it'll never work. Let's buy this shirt and burn it.