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Stadium Shuffle, You Say?


I was pleasantly alerted to these fine two gentlemen yesterday by some readers and all I can say is, my goodness, am I excited! From their YouTube page:

Get ready to taste the Official Birthday Boys’ latest flavor of frosting. Join the momentum for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium. Bring your friends, siblings, and happy meals Thursday (June 16) to film our final scene! Please email officialbirthdayboys@gmail.com regarding your interest!

Honestly? You couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable Thursday afternoon if you were the Green Lantern.

If you’re like everyone else everywhere who has never actually heard of the Birthday Boys’ before, don’t fret! We know two things already. First, they do understand how to properly use an apostrophe, which I can appreciate. Secondly, they’re Twins fans first (BOOOO!) and Vikings fans second as is evidence by the first video this duo put out called “Joe Mauer’s Birthday Rap.” Here, since I’m such a gentlemen I’ve embedded it for your convenience:


Personally, I’d be calling the cops because it looks like a pedophile somehow got down onto Target Field and started swinging his hips, right around the 2:35 mark. EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE.

So that just leaves us all to guess with bated breath about what musical number these super stars will come up with next! Will it be better than Justin Bieber’s “Baby”? I doubt it. That song is boss.