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Super Bowl Homeboy?

The latest snippet of fan boy wet dreaming comes today from Pro Football Talk where they touch on an interview Moss did with reporters at a local charity event in Florida. Essentially, Moss probably started pissing some people in New London Town by saying he anticipates that the Pats won’t be resigning him after 2010.

So what does this mean?

Well PFT and drunken fools in Minnesota CLEARLY think this is a push by Moss to get New England to release him now so that he can come home to his rightful throne in Minneapolis and make a final Super Bowl charge with Land Baron.

Is this plausible? Absolutely not. It’d be like a Madden fantasy roster with retired players included, and even if that was the case give me Joe Montana and Jerry Rice instead. But … Holy bejesus. Could you imagine the pants shitting that would occur in Minnesota? Fuck and yes.

Leave your hand wringing and wishful thinking in the comments.