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Taiwanese Animation Shows an Unhappy Ending for Brett Favre


With Leather had this up last week I believe, but I don’t frequent that site as often anymore because they stopped showing athlete wives and instead just post pictures of athletes with bad photoshop jobs. Who does that?? ……….. Anyway, WL came across one of those off the wall Taiwanese animation news stories, this time focusing on Brett Favre’s recent sexual harassment charges filed against him and the New York Jets from two massage therapists that are clearly not providing a happy ending.

There are several things to enjoy about this video, which I will highlight and belabor after the jump:

– The idea of Brett Favre using a call phone to send cock shots is ridiculous to begin with. The idea of him using an iPhone in order to get those cock shots out is even more ridiculous, yet, appropriate. Think he has video chat?

– I’m not 100% sure why he dyes his hair in these videos. His hair is clearly gray in 2008 with the Jets, but starkly brown as he announces his retirement this past year. Benjamin Button syndrome?

– You can tell it’s not very authentic because Favre is standing under a “Most Valuable Player” banner at his press conference. Ha, right! Good one Brett.

– After seeing this picture for years now, I’ve always known Brett Favre could spit hot fire. This video only confirms it.

– I may very well enjoy the above picture for years to come as well. Crazy Asian people. I thank you.