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TarVar Selling his Minnesota House Question Mark?
Where my house be?

I’m not entirely sure what this means for you, me, the history of the jump pass, the future of the forward pass, or TarVar Jackson himself either, but some totally random website that … well … I wouldn’t trust anymore than a guy with a pencil mustache telling me “I’m totally clean, baby!” alleges that TarVar’s is selling his home in Savage, Minnesota:

Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson’s six-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,500-square-foot Savage home, built five years ago and with real estate taxes of $7,988, has been put on the market as a short sale for $524,900.

Now, everyone, settle down. This could be nothing. It could be that TarVar finally realized that he couldn’t afford his home on a third string quarterback’s salary. Or, it could mean that HE’S GOING TO BE TRADED ONCE TRAINING CAMP IS OVER WITH AND HE ALREADY KNOWS IT AND THAT’S WHY HE’S SHORT SELLING IT AND HOLY CRAP FAVRE, ROSENFAILS, AND JOE WEBB??!??

Whatever. I’m sure he’s just moving in with Joe Webb and they’re going to pull some Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen type shit on Full House. Childress will think one of them got traded, but little does he know!! /record scratch!