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Tarvaris Jackson Still Feels like a Viking

Or at least I am assuming he does in his dreams (cue up the Ralph Wiggums clip, anyone?).

The Viking Age pointed out recently that TarVar recently put a new post up on his HIGHLY underrated personal blog that covered a variety of topics, notably his aloofness and nonchalant attitude about potentially either returning to the Vikings or not. This quote:

I’m not sweating whether Brett comes back or not because I’m a free agent. Depending on the collective bargaining agreement I’ll be either restricted or unrestricted, just waiting to see. Right now I still feel like a Viking, but I’m just going to have to wait a while to find out what’s going to happen.

Seems particularly telling if for no other reason than I imagine this is what his demeanor is like in the huddle. “Whatever, run an out route, Squid go deep, Adrian don’t fumble it – or do so, I don’t care – Tahi, I’m throwing it to you anyway. Break, I guess.” Of course, it sounds more like “mdnfdkjshafhdsonwjfksjfmfmfmasdkfmfmfmfmffufufpowiewfnvbxnvoapisjdfjaslmf[wiueuhgngndkg” but you get the idea.

Which makes me think, is TarVar like the black Jay Cutler? How uninteresting would everything be if those two were around? They could be watching Blake Lively and Sara Jean Underwood scissoring to Metallica for an entire weekend and both of them would be texting friends elsewhere and checking their watches the entire time. Frowning. Bastards.

Regardless of what happens to TarVar this offseason you have to believe that he’ll be back as a Viking in 2010. The personal belief here – or maybe it’s just a wet dream – is that Favre won’t be Hoverrounding himself back onto the field in 2010, which means that a team that was on interception away from potentially being in, and quite possibly winning, the Super Bowl is now left with either RosenFails, TarVar, or a trade for a McNabb, Michael Vick, a rookie quarterback like Tebow, or someone without a spleen like Chris Sims. If that doesn’t make you angry enough to not buy your wife flowers on Valentine’s Day I don’t know what will.

Also, secretly, I do hope TarVar starts in 2010. I can’t get enough of that guy. Jump passes, anyone??!!! LULZ!