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The Great NFL Combine Farce: Does Any of this Even Matter?

I think the NFL Combine starts this weekend. I can't remember. Pretty sure. I'm a horrible NFL fan. But let's say it does. People love to get all fussy about 40 times, measurables, Wonderlic scores, men in tight shorts, the usual stuff. But does any of it matter? We had an infographic passed on from FanSpeak that looks at 40 times from the combine between 2006 and 2012 and whether or not any of this matters.

See the full infographic after the jump:

Does Combine 40 Time Mean Success in the NFL? From Fanspeak.com

Of course, the real joke here is labeling Chris Johnson as a "Stud," and of course that picture of LaRon Landry working out. Anyone test him for PEDs yet? Jesus. 

I would tend to agree with what I think this infograph is saying, namely, the combine is full of stupid ridiculousness and if a guy can play football, he can play football. It's that simple. If you get sucked into the combine numbers you end up with guys like Troy Williamson, Erasmus James, Dustin Fox, oh God, why can't we have good drafts consistently for the Vikings?

So, what do you think? Combine info worth all the hype or not?