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The Metrodome Collapse: A Retrospective

Twas only a single year ago when life was much different. The Vikings were still bad, but at least they had more wins. The team roster was devoid of talent, but at least it held Brett Favre so we could make dick jokes. Chris Kluwe … He still wore number 5. And yes, 366 days ago now, the roof to the Metrodome collapsed, changing the fates of the Vikings forever.

But we sit here now and ask, “How have things changes?” Do we have a new stadium? Are the Vikings better off than they were in 2010? What exactly is different? Lots my friends, lots, and in many cases, for the better. Let us provide a list for you:

  • Brad Childress is no longer associated with the team. That felt like an amazing multi-year nightmare.
  • Bernard Berrian is a distant memory from a year ago. Amazing.
  • While we don’t technically have a new stadium, the replaced teflon is thinner and SO much brighter! Totally worth it, you guys.
  • We went from a quarterback who wished he could play with his pants off (Favre) to a quarterback who probably WOULD play better with his shirt off (Ponder). That’s a change for the better! Until Ponder’s 41. Gross.
  • Madieu Williams is nowhere to be seen, except that he may actually be a better option than what we’re trotting out there now. Sooo … Nevermind.
  • Darell Bevell is in the forgotten wasteland that is Seattle. We never have to speak of him again.
  • In a similar vein, we no longer have to discuss the mistake that was Tarvaris Jackson. No more discussing how we wasted second round picks … un … unless you start talking about Toby Fathead …. Then … Well, nevermind that one too.
  • We had five wins at this point last season. I wouldn’t trade for that right now, either. That’d put us WAY out of position to draft a good player!

All in all, I’d say things are looking up for us and the Minnesota Vikings. Could we say that enough has changed ever since the roof collapsed all over our faces? No. Absolutely not. We need a new head coach and 47 new players. But we ARE closer! And it’s all thanks to that shitty snow storm that ruined us, hard. So for that, I tip  my hat to you, weather, you wicked bitch. You won this round, and we are appreciative for that.