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The Post Where We All Laugh At Packer Fans


Well, we all know what the Minnesota Vikings and their players were doing on Sunday. They were sitting at home because they suck. We all know they suck. That wasn’t even a question. The Green Bay Packers? Why, they were world beaters! They had the heart of a lesbian champion! They were 15-1 and were going to destroy any competition that got in their way! THEY WERE SUPER SERIOUS ABOUT STUFF AND JUNK, GAIS. Someone just should have reminded those jack offs about that before they went and made literally three different craptastic Discount Double Check commercials for State Farm. Instead, they should have considered spending that time doing things like, I don’t know, reviewing game film on how to stop an NFL receiver from grabbing a hail mary, which may have helped them not get their faces kicked in by a bunch of QQWWEEAAHHH New Yorkers. You weak ass prom queens. YOU WERE GOOD! And now you’re the only 15-1 team in NFL history that hasn’t won a playoff game. Even the Vikings managed that! IN YOUR FACE, MILWAUKEE!


Let’s keep making fun of them:

If you remember back to when the Vikings kind-of-but-really-didn’t matter during the regular season, we did an interview with some Packer fans from Total Packers. I visited their website Sunday night and didn’t see a new post update. In fact, I didn’t see ANY post updates on pretty much ANY Packer sites Sunday night, literally four or five hours after the game was over. Drinking and beating wife and kids? ……. Probably. Not that I give a shit. One thing that did make me smile though, were some of the comments left in the pre-game post over at Total Packers. For example:

  • What a friggin’ joke. This was the team that was 15-1??????????????????? EMBARRASSING!!!!! EMBARRASSING!!!! EMBARRASSING!!!!!!! How the F*ck does this team lose at Lambeau AGAIN to the Giants in a playoff game!!!!!!! EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My. Those are quite the number of exclamation points! I hope that piece of butt hole is not OK.

I encourage you to pass along all the other blubbering and rationalizing that you see Packer fans doing today. Sure, we’ve never won a Super Bowl and our team was quite the heavy flow this season, but who, gives, a, shit. The Packers got demolished in “sacred” Lambeau Field, and it was hilarious. In tribute, here is a special series of LOLPacker pictures, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports photos. Enjoy this day, friends! It’s a good one!