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“The Rube” – Busted by the Wife

Once again Bleedin’ Purple returns with another installment of his original comic, “The Rube”. While he posts them over at Rube Chat he also started his own site for the comic, which I have linked here for the stupid people but have also listed over in the blog roll. Keep telling him he’s a good chap and offer some ideas for upcoming strips. Like maybe he meets Bryant McKinnie and tells him off and then quickly runs away from him because McKinnie is slow footed? Something funnier, I mean. Again, we’ll post his comic first and then PJD’s take second. Enjoy!

“The Rube” Episode Five: Fun Times in Free Agency, by Bleedin’ Purple

“The Rube” Episode Five: Fun Times in Free Agency or whatever it was called when I wrote it up there the first time, by Bleedin’ Purple and ruined by PJD: