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The Wall of Moss

Last time we checked in with our favorite uber-fan, Diggz Garza, we were astonished to learn that he had transformed his home into a palace of Vikings material not seen since the glory years of Norse gods. We marveled at his fence of player names, observed his painted walk way, and gaped at his viewing rooms. Truly a DELIGHT.

We found out this week that Diggz Garza’s abode has a few other hidden gems among it’s halls of fandom, however, when he posted the picture you see above. We’re calling it the Hall of Moss, even though it’s likely just a wall in a room, not necessarily a hall … but those are technicalities. This guy, Diggz, should be commended for his commitment to Randy Moss. I walk around and tell my friends, “Oh man, yeah, I totally love Randy Moss, he’s my favorite Vikings ever,” but then you get THIS GUY who shits all over your Randy Moss bobble head collection. He’s got a Moss jersey from every damn team Moss has played on, with a 49ers one on the way!

Can you say you love Randy Moss that much? Because I doubt it.

As a huge Randy Moss fan, I love everything about this wall. Its pageantry, its dedication, its color … It has everything. You see not only jerseys but also mini-helmets, figurines and statues, road signs, photos and pictures, and dare I say action figures still in their boxes up top. There are three different Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss jersey’s (four if you maybe count that Pro-Bowl one, which looks like an NFC blue jersey, 84 when he was with the Vikings, right?), one Titans one, a Raiders jersey, and – perhaps my favorite, admitted in a guilty fashion – a throwback Patriots red, white, and blue. Mmmmm! Scruptulescent! I do admit the #88 black jersey throws me for a loop, though. Is that a Marshall alternate? Someone help me out.

Time and time again we are reminded that people like Diggz Garza are out there, supporting this team of shit heels through a 3-13 season despite the losses, idiocy, and embarrassment. Do I like the team as much as Diggz to support them like he does? I can promise you that I don’t. I do enjoy my Chuck Foreman knock-off jersey, but that’s about it. I have a purple throw pillow in my living room, but it wasn’t ever bought with the Vikings in mind. I watch “Game of Thrones” and imagine people in horned helmets to be like ancient Vikings, but that’s only peripherally related. What Diggz Garza does is live the life of a Vikings fan – to the fullest – EVERY DAY, and for that, I commend him.

You’re a better fan than I am, and I hope your support gets the team their stadium so lazy schlubs like me can still enjoy a local football team. Salute!