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Things I do not Believe featuring Dome Dogs

Seen at Vikings Gab, who took it from Kevin Seifert, who was actually just reporting on a study done on Outside the Lines, and keeping with our apparent stadium theme for the day (why even read blogs anymore? This is retarded) comes this bit of rancid food news that I do not believe at all and will fight anyone who tries to tell me that these a-holes aren’t lying out their wiener tips.

Apparently the Metrodome has the least amount of health violations at their concession stands in all of the NFC North:

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
Minnesota Vikings

Vendors with critical violations: 8 percent
Inspection report excerpt: One location was cited for having sanitizing solution that was too weak. Solutions have to meet a certain concentration considered strong enough to kill harmful microorganisms.

For comparison, Lambeau had 18 percent Vendors with critical violations while Ford Field had 70 percent (!!!!) and Soldier Field had 12 percent.

(Note to self: NEVER GO TO DETROIT)

I mention this all as completely flabbergasting to me based solely on the hot dogs served within the Metrodome. Are you kidding me? How do those things not violate any and all human sensibilities? I even smell those things are feel like I’m not going to be leaving a bathroom for at least three hours. Also, rumor has it that any unused hot dogs they have after Vikings games (for sure after Twins games when they used to be there) were put back into a five gallon bucket for use at the next event, sustained in some hot doggy ooze that prevents it from pickling or withering into what looks like Sid Hartman’s flaccid dong.


Sorry for that. I’ll stop talking about hot dogs now. But seriously, DOME DOGS?? Fuck those things.