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This Guy Won the Signed Ponder Jersey

Throughout the month of July, Purple Jesus Diaries was hosting an event where people entered to win a free, signed, new design, Christian Ponder jersey. If you didn't enter, you obviously didn't win it (contest is now over, so stop trying to send in entries!), but someone actually DID win it, and we now want to share his Vikings story that he submitted:

Winner Robert sent in this entry as his favorite Vikings fan moment:

I have loved the Vikings for most of my life, but living in Maryland I haven't had the chance to see them play much live. One Christmas, my dad gave me and my brother two tickets to see the Vikings play the Redskins at FedEx stadium. This was going to be a great game, the Vikings had a chance to make the playoffs that year and our seats were right on the 50 yard line 20 rows up from the Redskins bench (tickets came from a season ticket holder my dad was friends with). Up until this point I had only seen a couple preseason games, and one regular season game where the Redskins were blown-out by the Bears, so I was really excited going to this game with my brother.

Well it turned out to be a pretty bad game unfortunately, but I did turn out to witness some Viking history as I watched Randy Moss walk of the field with two seconds left. I still had a lot of fun, except for when some drunk idiot tried to talk trash about the Skins knocking us out of the playoffs….jokes on him. Its okay though, I was able to go watch the Vikings beat up the Skins. Though I didn't see when AP blew out his knee as I went to buy some beer during halftime and missed it. Looking back, I need to stop going to Vikings games at FedEx. Good thing I am going to see them play the Ravens this December instead.

So we can blame YOU for all the bad things that happened to the Vikings against the Redskins! Dammit!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for entering. I may go back through some of the entered stories and share them anonymously if I may throughout the season, so we can all share in our misery. We'll try to have more contests throughout the year too, if we get another sweet deal like this jersey.

And admittedly, there may have been some better stories entered, but I just picked a number out of a hat. It was only fair. Sorry bros and gals. But thanks for entering.

Now let's see if I actually mail this. HAHA!