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Tweets O’ the Game – Let’s All Watch Favre Die!

I totally forgot that I was going to post these yesterday, so we’re doing them today. Why did I forget, you ask? Largely because I haven’t done them for a little while now. Why I haven’t I done them for a little while now, you ask? Because you’re all a bunch of humorless fucks who don’t know how to write funny things when Brett Favre almost goes Stephen Hawking on us. BE FUNNIER, FREE INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT!

Which is coincidentally what most of my readers screen at the screen when they visit this site as well. Anyway, on to the Tweets!

We start by officially giving thanks to AndrewBucholz, who kindly shared the GIF we saw in yesterday’s recap of Favre getting his shit BLASTED from behind … er, wait … well, no, that’s really about as accurate as I can put it. He also joyously named the GIF “FAVREDEAD” which is about as blunt as you can get with it. How did we all feel about Favre almost dying?

Well, OK, so Favre’s daughter wasn’t all excited about it. And she clearly doesn’t know a THING about football, because, yes, after the Vikings put up the most points they have all season WITH three interceptions from TarVar, it does show that the one outlier in all of this was Brett Favre and his dick hanging out. Also, when he gets turf stomped like this, do you think Deanna is kind of happy inside? Just a little bit. I mean, I’m sure he has a pretty dope life insurance policy … Next we have this vision from SportsPickle:

I’d be down with that. Because then we’d never have to see him in purple again either. It’s already been five years too long. And then that would FORCE us to pick up a not-shitty-and-low-ball-sack-hanging QB for 2011 … or 2012. Whenever the NFL decides to stop grabbing for money. Mr. SavorySneaks got in on the joke action early as well with this Tweet:

Haha, yeah. Leodis (Leodis? What kind of name is that) had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. At least until it was too late. Didn’t he pick off a pass eventually, when TarVar already looked like Peyton Manning? And by that I mean the 6-6, 2010 version of Peyton Manning. Who throws a lot of interceptions. Either way *ding!* You’re flight is ready Leodis. We also have TheVikingsAge here to put the excitement of the Bills game in perspective for Vikings fans:

So so sad? Really? I’m not broken up about this at all. It’s the Bills. And the team is 5-7. Whatever. It would take a lightning bolt off of Purple Jesus’ dick tip to get this team into the playoffs. And even then it’d be one and done. Sad? Just enjoy watching Favre’s last days and the energy of his life seep through his eyeballs. I always find enjoyment in that, oddly. Finally, the Vikings very own Brian_Robison, who started in place of Ray Ray Edwards last weekend, had this snarky comment AND VIDEO! to say after the game:

Video here:

Oh Brian! If you hadn’t gone to Texas I would maybe not think you were a horrible person. Also, Chris Kluwe is becoming cooler and cooler. This is what he said after the game about his hit:

And then what he had to say to Brian Robison for posting the aforementioned video:

Man, what a dick. And a total nerd. Solid stuff.

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