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VIKINGS 2012 GREAT MOVES: Visanthe Shiancoe Re-Signs as a Defensive End

What can we say?! The Minnesota Vikings do know how to surprise!

(NOT) WHAT? In what can only be described as a stunning move, the Minnesota Vikings have not re-signed one of their top priority free agents this offseason in former tight end Visanthe Shiancoe to a new four year contract, except only as a defensive end, as evidence by this unquestionable photo. With Shiancoe set to hit the unrestricted free agent market, rookie tight end Kyle Rudolph coming up the ranks, and former Vikings great Jim Kleinsasser, the move to defensive end for Visanthe seemed to be a natural fit, and totally precedes the trading of Jared Allen while his value is inordinately high. AREN’T YOU TOTALLY SURPRISED?!

(NOT) WHO? Visanthe Shiancoe had just finished a five year contract with the Vikings before re-signing and apparently switching positions. After being drafted by the New York Giants in 2003, Shiancoe spent four years as a tight end before coming to Minnesota, where after an up-and-down first year and a half, eventually displayed a tenacity for the game and sure hands for the ball, both qualities that will translate well to defense. His sure grip will come in to play as he fights off the grabbing hands of offensive linemen, and his intimate knowledge of the offensive game will provide him a mental edge when rushing the passer. When he sees a tight end lined up in a certain way, he’ll know when to rush inside or outside, based simply on stance. It is uncanny! The speed that he’s displayed while route running also transfers naturally to a rusher, and will allow the Vikings to place more pressure on opposing quarterbacks, like new Packers quarterback Clay Matthews, who has also made the offensive-defensive switch, as shown by the picture.

(NOT) SO WHAT? This move is significant on many levels. First, showing the genius to move a player from offense to defense at the professional level clearly indicates that Leslie Frazier is just as smart, if not smarter, than Bill Belichick. Second, this personnel move is a CLEAR indicator that Jared Allen will be traded this offseason for a wide receiver or corner back (not an offensive linemen, since we already locked that position up with a BANG). Visanthe should pair well with Brian Robison and Everson Griffen, assuring that the Vikings defense feels no hurt from Allen’s absence.

(NOT) OK! The only concern with this move is that Shiancoe may be unfairly flagged for tripping an offensive linemen during every rush, as his upper body blows right past the offensive linemen, but they still end up tripping on his “lower body.” He’d be like the Dirk Diggler of football, which of course is just an excuse for me to link to a picture of Heather Graham who was rollergirl in that movie. PAGE VIEWS!