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Vikings Continue to Diversify, Trade for Greg Camarillo


In an effort to increase the teams’ cultural diversity, the Minnesota Vikings announced Wednesday that they traded cornerback Benny Sapp for Mexican-American wide receiver Greg Camarillo from the Miami Dolphins.

“This is a great move to really boost of cultural diversity on this team” Head Coach Brad Childress said once the trade was made official. “We’ve really focused this offseason on attracting Caucasian athletes to the team with Toby Gerhart and Logan Payne, and with other additions in recent years like Naufau Tahi, Husain Abdullah, Ryan D’Imperio, and Rhys Lloyd, we’ve really gone far in addressing the Pacific Islanders, Muslims, Guidos, and Kiwis. I’m really proud that our Jewish owner has stepped up to the plate and diversified our team.

“Does this make us a better team necessarily? No, not necessarily. But it does make us attractive for that elusive Asian-American football player to help us round out of cultural calendar, so to speak.”

After being reached for comment, Camarillo had this to say: “I’m excited to head north to Minnesota and play for a great team like the Vikings, but come on, man. I was born in California and turned down Harvard to go to Stanford. I’m not some immigrant from Mexico City.

“However, I do think me and Percy Harvin are going to become real, real fast friends. Don’t worry about him being lost to any more games this year, fans.”