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Vikings Free Agents: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Matt Kalil – STAY

As much as I hate to say it… Kalil is the most stable option at this point and we missed him sorely after the pinwheel of backups last year.

Captain Munnerlyn – STAY

I know everyone thinks Mackenzie Alexander is ready to step up and take over for Captain. I was not impressed with Alexander’s play this last season. We need a solid vet, especially if Newman takes off.

Andre Smith – GO


Shaun Hill – GO

Shaun should be put out to pasture. Thinking that he might have been our QB all year is terrifying.

Terence Newman: BEG HIM TO STAY

Has been our most consistent cornerback in years.

Cordarelle Patterson: GO

Patterson is a weapon, there is no debating that. But, we just don’t know how to use him right and he shouldn’t be allowed to take up a spot when he isn’t being played regularly.

Rhett Ellison – GO

Rhett is great but we have David Morgan who does the same things for cheaper.

Zach Line- GO

Line didn’t do much of anything this year and he sure didn’t help in blocking for our terrible running backs. You can draft a Zach Line in the 7th round or sign one off the street.

Matt Asiata – GO

I don’t see why you keep Matt. He’s been a great contributor but he isn’t a game changer and we have McKinnon to be our backup.

Audie Cole – GO

Unless you can get him dirt cheap – he hasn’t made much of an impact.

Justin Trattou – GO

This fantastic 2015 player completely disappeared this year.

Jeff Locke – Keep

Locke did better down the stretch, but let’s give him a chance to beat the new guy out.