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Vikings House Update: The Korey String Kutout

The NFL is still in a lock-out but getting closer. No player moves have been made, although the Vikings may be cap-screwed when all is said and done. I’m still trying to make up wild stories about blowing up the Dome to keep the interest and momentum in Vikings news rolling. The best way to do this is to look at a close up of what we could not see earlier this week in the Purple People Apparel: House Edition; the Korey Stringer decal.

As we found out this week, our new friend Diggz19 has a house full of purple. In fact, his house exudes more fandom than you could ever WISH, you nerd, so don’t step to him. When we featured his house earlier this week there were many questions raised:

  • What’s the deal with the fence?
  • Is the city mad at him?
  • So much Brett Favre!

One answer we did receive was to our inquiry of a blurry subject in the image of the front of his house. As you can see here:

It’s hard to make out what exactly it is on the right side of the fence. Diggz19 was awesome enough to Tweet a larger image of the decal, however, and we now find that it’s a tribute to the late Korey Stringer, who was too hot to handle (oooooooooooo ….).

Truth is, if that’s a paint job, I’m actually pretty iimpressed. There are details in the jersey, arms and helmet that are no joke to amateurish artists. You better not come up in here with a Crayola paint set and think you can do this paint-job. You would be wrong, my friend. Only the deft hand of a master like Diggz19 can pull it off.

Underneath, the epitaph “RIP BIGK” says all it needs to. Korey Stringer was awesome, big and a lot like what Bryant McKinnie SHOULD be. In fact, he’s like one of the best offensive tackles I can remember, and when you wear #77 that’s pretty awesome too. Just remembering Stringer has made me even more mad at McKinnie now. Dammit.

So huge props for this. As Vikings fans who are clearly not as dedicated as Diggz19, some of the readers here may never understand the dedication he has shown in converting his house to a purple temple. But damned if we don’t find it interesting.

Up next? Hopefully a detailed image of the Favre/Chilly poster!