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Vikings Interested in Lito Sheppard???!!

With a hat tip to FilmDrunk and their way of alerting you to things that probably won’t happen by putting question marks in the title, the Vikings have been rumored to be interested in Lito Sheppard, formerly of Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets fame. Currently, Sheppard is making a stop in Detroit who, might I add, is putting together a sexy little offseason over there. If he makes it out of there though, reports indicate Sheppard could be on his way to Minnesota, Chicago, and Oakland.

I bring this up because I’ve got an engorged phalange in my pantaloons for Lito Sheppard. I remember when Sheldon Brown and him were the next big things coming up behind … whoever it was still on the eagles. I want to say Dawkins and Troy Vincent, when they were still good cornerbacks? I thought Sheppard and Brown were going to be a couple of bad asses. And for the most part they are. They tend to be good man coverage guys with play making ability on the ball. Now, how would that fit in with the Lions, Vikings, or Bears more Cover-2 type scheme? Probably not all that well. I don’t really know how great Sheppard is in a zone coverage type of defense. Nor do I really care. I would totally give him MILLIONS just so I could re-live these Madden fantasies of him playing in my defensive backfield, and no, that is not a gay joke euphemism.

However, it assuredly won’t happen. Why? For the exact reasons mentioned above relating to defensive schemes, and because at 29 I’m sure Sheppard is looking for a place where he could be a starter immediately and into the future. I don’t think the Vikings offer that as much as some of these other teams. Yes, it’d be sweet tits to have him while Cedric recovers and cool to fall back on him when Winfield eventually moves to safety, but will Sheppard wait for all of those pieces to fall into place? I don’t think so.

But does he want to win a Super Bowl??!!!?? … Well, then he probably shouldn’t sign here either. /tear.