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Vikings New Defensive Line Coach Robb Akey is a Bad Ass

Late last week the Minnesota Vikings announced their new coaching staff officially, propping up the announcement with interviews from new Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner, Defensive Coordinator George Edwards, and the surprise move of retaining controversial (alleged) bigot Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer.

However. I personally think one other coaching staff hire has gone a little under the radar, and that is new Assistant Defensive Line coach Robb Akey, a guy who I am learning is a total bad ass.

What you see here is Akey, a grown ass man (dude is 47, just ask Mike Gundy about being in your forties), while he was coaching for University of Idaho Vandals. During that time, Akey was actually the Head Coach for the Vandals (from 2007 to 2012), and led them to an impressive 20-50 record …. Oh. Well … Maybe he's a better coordinator. Either way, we know he's a certifiable bad ass that will follow in Mike Zimmer's footsteps of getting fiery with his players? Yes, let's go that route.

Akey does seem to have the pedigree to be a good position coach, however, and should fit in well with this Vikings team. He's been a defensive coach wherever he's gone (D-line with Weber State, DC with Northern Arizona, DC with Washington State), and he even use to play a little defense with his alma mater, Weber State College. And, a guy with head coaching experience being brought on to the staff can only help. Now, we have a guy who has never been a head coach in Zimmer, head coaching a guy like Norv Turner and Akey, dudes who HAVE been head coaches to varying degrees of success. It's experience like that you just can't buy, people! … Except for when you pay them million dollar contracts. Whatever, you get me.

Anyway, I just wish Pat Williams was still on the team so Akey could try this chest bump stunt with him. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Who gives? Here's a hint: Don't bet against Fat Pat.