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Vikings Tales: A Bloody Mess

PJD is on a quasi-sabbatical for a while. We won’t be doing any real news updates for a week or so. Instead, we’re going to run a feature called Vikings Tales where PJD and several guest posters share stories that they have which may or may not peripherally relate to the Minnesota Vikings. Enjoy. Today’s post is courtesy of gracious reader Matthew who has a story to share …

“Here is a short one that always makes me smile like LT at a girl scout meeting.

“Halfway through the 41-doughnut NFC championship debacle, my buddies and I were drinking our sorrows away and decided that it would be a good idea to build a snowman on the hood of our passed out friend’s shitty Chrysler Lebaron.  We built one big enough to cave in the hood of his car and then emptied a bottle of bloody mary mix on the snowman’s crotch to make it look like it just had its period. Our friend woke up a few hours after the game was over only to realize that we had been ass raped by the NY Giants and that he couldn’t drive his car home without dismantling a bloody crotched snowman in front of all my neighbors.  Good times.”

Ouch. It makes you wonder who’s vagina was most bruised that day; the snowman’s or the Vikings.