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Vikings Tales: Run, PJ, Run!

PJD is on a quasi-sabbatical for a while. We won’t be doing any real news updates for a week or so. Instead, we’re going to run a feature called Vikings Tales where PJD and several guest posters share stories that they have which may or may not peripherally relate to the Minnesota Vikings. Enjoy. Today’s post is courtesy of PJD himself …

During Purple Jesus’ first year in the league, everything he touched turned from turd blossom to pants wet-spot blossoming (if you catch my meaning). He was far and away the most dynamic and influential player that has come into the league in years, and holy snot bucket, he’s actually on our team! What’re the odds! Even better was that fateful day in November, 2007, when he took his shirt off while playing the San Diego Chargers, flexed his chesties and said “I own you, and the NFL now, bitches.”

Let me set this back story up. In 2007 I spent a week in Cancun. It was pretty balls awesome. Tanning, drinking at 9:00 AM for free, the salsa, deep sea fishing, and even watching some college football on TV. All good times. I knew I was going to miss out on some NFL games, but whatever. The NFL plays like 76 games a season and they don’t all matter like college games do. On top of this, the Vikings were already 2-5 and in Brad Childress’ second year as coach sucking it up. Sure, the team had just drafted Adrain Peterson (before he officially became Purple Jesus, you see), but come on. One guy can only do so much, right?

You could say I was colored shocked when I turned out ESPN Ocho (I think that’s what they called it there) and saw that the Vikings had actually BEAT the San Diego Chargers that week, a team that was pretty good that season. And the score? 35-17? Am I misreading this? I didn’t know what happened. Did the defense score three times? That’s the only way this team could have scored above 21 points. I honestly had a cartoon jaw dropping moment. However, all that was put behind me and I had to go find to underwear when I found out that Adrian Peterson ran for TWO HUNDRED AND NINTEY SIX FUCKING YARDS ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That remains that most yards from a running back in a game EVER. I crapped myself.

What made this even better is that I knew my old buddy that I used to have season tickets with had plans to head to this game with a bunch of other guys. When I finally got back I talked to them about it. How awesome was it? Was the Dome rocking? Were people just freaking out at how great of a day Peterson was having? Could you believe it yourself? Truth be told, he didn’t even remember it. Him and everyone else got so blackout drunk that, if I remember correctly, they got kicked out by halftime. I think they kiiiiind of remember the Vikings winning, but that was about it.

It looked like we had both missed out.