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Visanthe Dongshow Talks Minnesota

When this crappy blog first started, one of the awesome guys we always got to write about was Visanthe Shiancoe. There was something about his shirtless smiles that always brought us in, but also his dreamy eyes, dog barking GIFs, and so much more. We use to profile as him and do movie reviews during the off-season, because it's the off-season. Like many of our favorite former Vikings who were released, we always love checking in on him when he does things of note. And today we're only checking in on him because he said "Minnesota" in a recent interview

Good enough for us! Let's get to it. No pictures of man genitalia, I promise.

In the differences between the media attention of New York and Minnesota, a difference Shiancoe learned as he traveled form the Giants to the Vikings between his rookie years and his first big contract:

At first it was. When I went [to the Vikings], it was Adrian Peterson’s rookie year. When it came to media and stuff like that, there was a little bit more media in New York, of course. But after a while, Minnesota got even crazier—we had Favre and [Randy] Moss. I was right there during the peak of all that.

On who was the best quarterback he has ever played with, in which Shiancoe chooses from a pretty impressive list including Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre:

TD: You’ve played with a lot of really, really great quarterbacks. If you had to put one or two at the top of the list for the best quarterback you ever played with, who would it be?
VS: It would be of course Farve and Brady.
TD: If you could only take one?
VS: It’d have to be Favre. And the reason I am saying it would have to be Favre is because I played two years with him, and I’ve had that camaraderie with him.

Minnesota wins at something! 

Visanthe Shiancoe Dog Barking Celebration

Anyway, check it out. Shiancoe also talks about his plans after football (broadcast booth! With or without pants?), and what his impressions were of playing with the GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER EVER in Adrian Peterson. Spoiler alert: Shank says Peterson is not human!

Anyway, I still miss him and wish we had him still instead of John Carlson. But maybe that's just me.