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VOTE NOW! Maybe We Can Convince the Vikings Not to be Stupid

Get your vote on!

http://purplejesus.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/pjd-draft-2012-poll.jpg?w=640You may have noticed a largely ineffective poll on the right side, and for the I kind of apologize, but not really. Instead, if you visit the Purple Jesus Diaries Facebook page you will notice we have asked a poll question to followers, which asks who you think the Minnesota Vikings should draft in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft Presented by Old Spice (probably) Live from Radio City Music Hall or Someplace Similar, Thanks to Scotch Guard. I’m pretty sure it’s named that. As you can see so far, the majority of people are very intelligent and have picked Matt Kalil as the draft pick. Smart PJD readers?! Who would have thought!

Either way, go check it out, or vote on the blogs sidebar, and get your vote in. Vote, share it with your friends, get more people to like the PJD page, and win many internet points from yours truly. While they are not redeemable for anything other than my ephemeral – yet eternal – adoration, the points WILL bulge in your front pockets to make your junk look bigger. Totally worth it.

Check it out!