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Warcraft Wednesday: A Regular Stand Up Comic

Shame on me for letting this slip by our notice, but everyone’s favorite punter for the Minnesota Vikings, Chris Kluwe, was recently featured on Fox 9 news (the best, unbiased news station!) with a bit of a career change. You can see the video above, and then jump to our discussion of this career move afterwards.

Review: I hope he continues punting!

Just kidding. But seriously, Kluwe was a guest at the HUGE Theatre in Uptown, an improv comedy non-profit theatre group that likely went bonkers to get a bit of a celebrity endorsement MUCH LIKE THIS BLOG WOULD DO. He was invited because he’s such a wise ass on Twitter, and the theatre group was hoping he’d bring that attitude to their stage. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Sadly, I wasn’t in attendance because I like to sit home on the weekends and cry into a bottle of scotch. But the short clip gives some good examples of Kluwe’s jabs. While the story about the Silver Fox winning us a game against the 49ers by coming from behind wasn’t particularly funny in and of itself, Kluwe’s off handed comment about that being the only game we’ve probably ever come from behind to win was – of course – spot on and depressingly hilarious.

Kluwe also gets points for doubling down on the other celebrity guests and getting himself back up on stage and jumping right in on the improv. While I can’t tell if he looked a little nervous or perhaps just NERDish with his jittery movements and fidgeting (that’s how he burns so many calories and keeps his weight down, I bet), it looks like Kluwe played right along and did so swell.

That guy mimicing Jared Allen? Don’t know if I can say the same, but kudos for impersonating a professional athlete and not getting a cease and desist letter from their management company! I envy them.