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Warcraft Wednesday: Kluwe Goes Shopping

Last week before the Vikings spread their legs and bled profusely all over Mall of America field, our favorite punter Chris Kluwe was actually at the Mall of America, being a generally likable person, playing skee-ball and handing out free shit like tickets to go watch the Vikings get kicked in their butt hole when they played against the Lions. OK, hindsight is 20/20, we knew it was going to be BAD but we didn’t know it’d be THAT BAD. Free stuff is free stuff, so I wouldn’t complain. Just cried.

Regardless, we tried to capture a couple of Kluwe’s antics as he roamed around the largest indoor mall EVA, and had a couple of highlights, beyond that shot of him skee balling with what I am guessing is his daughter.

– Someone called TWOLVESGIRL found Kluwe at the mall and became the recipient of several free tickets. Good for her and the team, bad that she had to witness that lashing. Also … he’s wearing a Tecmo Bowl shirt underneath his jersey? …. Fantastic.

– Fans were apparently being pretty funny and bringing him ice cream from throughout the mall. By his count, he received three cones (probably all vanilla … you know, white people and everything). How many has he received from McDonovan? F’ING ZERO. That’s bullshit. McNabb better have made that donation to Kluwe’s charity or I swear I will put a viper in his helmet next game.

Anyway, that’s all I saw. I had requested someone say “Hello!” to him from Purple Jesus Diaries, but I don’t think anyone ever did. #sadpanda. Oh well. This is now the second time he’s done this type of thing – going somewhere, giving away something, being awesome – so maybe if he’s around my hood again mid-day next time I’ll stop by and say hi. You should too, because he’s a good person.