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Warcraft Wednesday: Kluwe Tackles Immortalized

The Minnesota Vikings are off to a TERRIFIC start this season, now sitting at 0-4, but it has NOTHING to do with punter Chris Kluwe and his play. If there were 52 Kluwe’s active on game day, we’d be 16-0 already and just prepping for the playoffs. Go figure. But since that isn’t the case, Kluwe is in a position where he already needs to find other ways to entertain himself (I do not blame him).

Last week, before the ugly Chiefs game, our favorite punter sat down with Bob Sansevere from the Pioneer Press and did a little Q&A session with him. They touched on a lot of funny items (while Kluwe “allegedly” ripped his band mate and Game Informer writer Andrew Reiner throughout), but most notable was the fact that Reiner, who knows someone who works for McFarlane Toys (you know, Todd McFarlane? Created Spawn the comic book? … Did that awesome artwork for the launch of the solo Spider-Man comic series in the ’90’s? … Nevermind) created a personalized figurine of Devin Hester galloping past Kluwe on one his punt returns. This statue is what you see above, and this shit is epic. Well done Reiner and McFarlane toys. If you sold that in mass production I can think of FOUR people that would buy that. Well worth the effort.

More notes on the Q&A after the jump:

– We learn Kluwe was a political science and history major at UCLA. Double major! Impressive. Think after he retires from football he can run for mayor? I would totally vote him in, even if I have to punch my hanging chad (election humor!).

– Kluwe might also end up with a statue of Reggie Bush stiff arming him from the NFC Championship game (was that when it happened?), which would be solid, but also of his recent tackle on Stefan Logan. Both would be fantastic statues.

– Did you know Stefan Logan went to the University of South Dakota? And Adam Vinatieri went to South Dakota State University? Did you know that USD beat the shit out of the Gophers last year and SDSU almost did two years ago? Fun times!

– Kluwe tip-toes around the deal he made with McNabb in order for fatty pants to get #5. If you remember, there needed to be a donation, five separate mentions of Tripping Icarus, Kluwe’s band, and an ice cream cone. To my knowledge, I don’t think McNabby has hit five separate mentions and has not purchased an ice cream cone. THIS IS BULLSHIT. Get it done McNabb, if you do nothing else for us this year, please.

The rest of the Q&A is pretty solid. Go head over and read it, and keep praying that we sign Kluwe to an extension real soon.