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Warcraft Wednesday: Paid to Fight Over the Inflated Bladder of a Pig

We all know Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has a good head on his shoulders. He’s always out greeting fans at the Mall of America, taking punches at that douche-stain Skip Bayless, and playing videos games with the best of them. But he’s also smart. Maybe a little TOO smart.

Recently, Kluwe provided an interview to TC Huddle, which is a blog about all things Minnesota. Just sports, though. I think. I mean, I didn’t see anything about Prince on there, but I also admittedly didn’t look very hard. Anyway, one of the items Kluwe had a point of mentioning is that he kind of actually gets that there are more important things in life than 22 guys fighting over the inflated bladder of a pig on any given Sunday. As he says:

It seems evident in the way you play football, your interest in gaming, and even your tweets, that you think there are far more important things in the world than games. Where does that come from?

My parents, my teachers, the books I’ve read; basically how I was brought up to view the world. Too many people are interested in the trivial, the mundane, and the material, and don’t pay attention to what really matters in life. Sure it’s nice to be able to play football to make a living, but it’s not the be-all and end-all; I have a family and friends that are more important than that. You know what’s amazing to me? The fact that in a mind-blowingly vast universe that contains wonders we can’t even imagine and which we’ll probably never discover in a hundred lifetimes, in a galaxy that orbits around a super-massive black hole the physics of which we can’t even comprehend, on a planetoid that formed from the accretion of dust and gas into just the right sort of world just the right distance from an ongoing nuclear explosion that could sustain life, the surface of which has been one giant struggle for the past 5 billion years to defy floods, plagues, volcanoes, meteors, and politicians; amidst all that, there are people who live and die by what happens on a Sunday when 11 grown men face 11 other grown men over who has control over the inflated bladder of a pig. Talk about a lack of perspective.

BOOM, ROASTED, NFL. Or something. That doesn’t even make any sense. More highlights after the jump:

Kluwe also seemed to take a subtle dig at former Vikings head coach, Brad Childress, in this back and forth:

Reports indicate that Childress is a candidate for the Bucs vacant head coaching position. Any advice for Bucs punter Michael Koenen?

Good luck?

First of all, Bucs, what the hell are you doing guys. Come on. Second, I guess I don’t know if it’s so much a “dig” as opposed to a reality. I still remain split on Childress, as I had always felt he never related to people that well around football, but when you got him in more candor moments, he was actually pretty cool. I recall him stepping into Chris Mortenson’s NFL Training Camp tour bus once when Kluwe was playing Guitar Hero and he had some rather fine barbs thrown Kluwe’s way that I kind of thought were funny. But maybe those were the exceptions to the rule?

Anyway, it’s a fun read and you should check it out today. Someday, when we drop our balls and get around to asking Kluwe for an interview for OUR site, we’ll try to do a poll to ask questions that aren’t as redundant as many of these are becoming. Kluwe’s been such a popular interview in the past year, that all anyone wants to talk about with him is Tripping Icarus, the “douchebag” Tweet, the McNabb deal, and Guitar Hero. Which is all well and good, but come on! THERE’S MORE TO HIM THAN JUST ROCK MUSIC AND DOUCHES, PEOPLE. I think. We hope. … WE’LL FIND OUT!