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Warcraft Wednesday: Somewhat Famous Around Gaming Shops


During the bye week, I seem to recall that Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe spent his free time out in California at his second home. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he has two homes. He’s not the 99%! But for those poor people mad at him about that, it DID rain all week in California, but that only forced Kluwe to stay inside and play video games, probably, so it actually worked to his benefit. Smart SOB.

Oh, also during the bye week he went on some Dan LeTard show for ESPN and did the interview you see above. Check it out, and we’ll provide highlights after the jump:

  • Where the hell is he? Is that the location of the first Die Hard?
  • Den Le Batard isn’t very cool. Not mah thang.
  • How do people not recognize Kluwe around town? What other athletes are on the look-out for? Chris Cook? Well … Yeah, that would make sense. I mean, you  need to keep clear of him. Charlie Johnson? Greg Camarillo? You only need to know of four people on this team, people, come on!
  • Purple Jesus = better than everyone. Squatting more than the linemen? Shut up. This explains two things. First, Purple Jesus is clearly not human (we already knew that, but whatever). Secondly, christ, this explains a lot about why our linemen suck so much.
  • I don’t blame him for tossing punting out the window over video games. Have you played video games? You can punt in video games, you don’t need to actually play real football, especially when you could get clocked on a punt return. No thanks. Indoor kids stick together!
  • The dude still plays 3-4 hours of video games a day during the season? Are you kidding me? He’s joking, right? Maybe just a little bit? I don’t know how he even does that. And then 8 hours a day during the offseason? …. wat? That is seriously a full time job. With a child and a wife. My wife would slaughter me, without question. DEATH.
  • He doesn’t like being put on such a high pedestal. So … does “Warcraft Wednesdays” count as sucking? Or does he realize we don’t crucify the players for acting awesome? I hope he knows we’re on the good side.
  • Christ, this Kluwe guy is nice. Just such a damn nice person. So nice.

Anyway, it was a fine interview. Maybe we’ll get him next week! *crosses fingers*