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Warcraft Wednesday: The NFL’s Best Punter is Chris Kluwe, Says Chris Kluwe

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is the best. He’s the best punter in the game, the best video gamer on the team, the best interview in the state, and the best father to his children. I’m assuming. He’s also, in most of these cases, the only person he knows that does many of these things (joke about him not fathering his children correctly is extremely inappropriate, you guys). Or at least, that’s what he’d tell you.

Kluwe caught up with the Pioneer Press’ Bob Sansevere the other day for what seems like his weekly interview, and answered a handful of questions that covered a variety of topics. Highlights are below the jump, but just as a warning … Kluwe doesn’t know much about things outside his own door. And how can you when YOU’RE SUCH A DAMN GOOD PUNTER.

Among the notable items here:

  • When asked who he thinks the second best punter in the NFL ever was or is, Kluwe provides this shocker: “Second? I don’t know. I don’t really know any other punters. (Laughs.)” I don’t know why, but I believe him, even though he went on to name Ray Guy, Lechler, Moorman, Maynard and others. LIAR! He knows many punters, probably even a black punter! That one guy? Rodney Williams? The Seahawks for a while? Loved that guy.
  • He also names Weird Al Yankovic as his favorite band/singer. I … I don’t think I can approve of that. Is this just a joke answer? Like the whole punter thing? Ick.
  • He follows this up by offering a respectable answer for best guitarist in Slash. See, now this could be a serious answer, but we’ll never know, since he followed it up after the Weird Al line. Good answer though. The sweet guitar string plucks on Sweet Child of Mine could cause angels to smash their harps in an epic concert.
  • Kluwe also lists what he thinks are the best video games out there, defaulting to Final Fantasy VI and Ogre Battle. I have no idea what Ogre Battle is, likely because I didn’t play Atari or something, and can respect Final Fantasy VI, as it’s critically acclaimed as the best game ever. But … No FF7? Metal Gear Solid? Super Mario Bros, even? Call me old fashioned, I was expecting a bit of a curve ball with his answer, similar to the Weird Al one. Unless … Crap, he was serious about Weird Al, wasn’t he?

The entire article is just a fine read, so I suggest checking it out. I get the impression that people like PJD like Bob Sansevere enjoy having Kluwe around because it makes meeting that article deadline super easy. “Hey Kluwe, want to do a “My Favorites” Q&A for the paper? I’m up against a deadline here, kid.” Boom, article done, deadline met, holiday party ahoy. Thank YOU, Chris Kluwe!