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Warcraft Wednesdays: Kluwe Makes it After All

It’s been a hell of a ride for Chris Kluwe this past offseason. What, you thought because the NFL was locked out that our second-favorite Minnesota Viking wouldn’t have a successful offseason? WELL YOU WOULD BE DEAD WRONG, BUCKO. On the contrary, Mr. Kluwe has gone from obscure Guitar Hero playing California girl to number swindling, rock and rolling, dry erase board …ing … no bullshit taking punter of the GOD DAMN VIKINGS RRAAAAWWRRR!!!

In fact, you could say … Chris Kluwe has made it after all?


I have no idea what the reference for this picture is … I mean … I don’t know why Kluwe was by the Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis this past week, I know what the Mary Tyler Moore reference is … but for some reason he got all dressed up in his number 4 jersey and pretended to throw his … helmet? … next to the iconic statue while someone took a picture. Maybe he was shopping at Macy’s? Or Target? Or he just had a fine lunch at the Skyway Lounge? I doubt that last one. Regardless, Vikings Associate Director of Public Affairs, Jeff Anderson, decided this was noteworthy enough to place on his Twitter account this week, which of course makes it the coolest thing Chris Kluwe has done, that we know of, in the past seven days.

Of course, if I find out that he 100 percented Freebird in Rock Band, then we’ll have to do a new post.