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Warcraft Wednesdays: The Minnesota Pink Unicorns

We already covered yesterday how Minnesota Vikings punter and all around awesome person/warlock/player/magician(likely) was named as team captain for the game against the Buccaneers. It is very likely the team lost because they “only” recognized Kluwe as a captain and not as a multitude of other options include ALL POWERFUL LEG MAN. But I digress.

Kluwe as presumably just as upset with the loss as all of the fans were, and so he did what any good father would do (Note: Not Antonio Cromartie); he went home to his wife and child and hung out with them to forget the bullshit that is Tyrell Johnson. Tyrell on the other hand went out and got blasted, then drove around Minneapolis for fun. Hey, two different lifestyles man, whatever! Anyway, what you see above is the result of Chris Kluwe being a good human being. Nothing too big, just a nice looking unicorn puzzle that he put together with his daughter. But what caught the eye of PJD was his hashtag comment which read:

! … Alarming? Or … BRILLIANT! We decide, after the jump! (Ooooo, cliff hanger, biotch!)

I say brilliant, and here’s why. This team sucks. It sucks bad, and it’s likely not going to get better any time soon, at least not with Rick Spielman controlling the drafting and dead weight like a certain receiver prancing down the sidelines (not unlike a unicorn?!). The only option we have of gaining stadium support and team interest is to go full retard. Go pink on the uniforms. Ditch Ragnar and adopt a unicorn as our mascot. Keep VIKTOR around so he can dry hump it. Play outside at the Saints stadium. No, screw it, do standing room only at the Blaine Sportscenter. NO! HAVE IT ON 7TH STREET OUTSIDE TARGET CENTER, BY SHARING AND CARING HANDS HOMELESS SHELTER AND THE MINNEAPOLIS FARMERS MARKET! Think … fresh concessions, hobo referees, and street ball. It would be awesome.

Also, pink on our uniforms could be any worse than this:

So really, we’ve already embarrassed ourselves as much as we could. Pink and unicorns couldn’t be any worse. What are your thoughts? TO THE COMMENTS!

Also, little know fact! That picture was taken and posted last Friday, which actually means Kluwe didn’t unwind by doing this with his family (as far as we know), but rather keeps his cool BEFORE a game by doing this. Really, we’re splitting hairs, but I wanted to write this so you all didn’t think I was some moran who doesn’t know how to read time stamps on a Tweet. I DO, AND I AM SMRT!