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Warcraft Wednesdays: Tripping Icarus, $5,000 and an Ice Cream Cone

Those were the terms of the contract Minnesota Vikings’ punter Chris Kluwe agree to with Donovan McNabb in exchange for the jersey number 5 which McNabb has worn throughout his career. I’d say Kluwe won out HANDILY. More after the jump …

Kluwe has worn number 5 throughout his Vikings career and when McNabb came to town he understood the need to ditch it for a more established veteran. Also, it’s a number … whatever (I wouldn’t agree with that take personally, but that’s beside the point). Instead, Kluwe took #4 (FAVRE!) and agreed to contractual terms with McNabb. Those details, which are mentioned here and laid out in the official video on Vikings.com, include the following:

1. Five (5) mentions of Kluwe’s band, Trippign Icarus, in five (5) separate conferences by McNabb.
2. A $5,000 donation to the charity Kluwe always donates to, “Kick for a Cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy” which McNabb did easily. I mean, he’s rich.
3. An ice cream cone (flavor not specified).

I think it’s a fair deal for each, but as an outsider, Kluwe clearly came out on top. I mean, what if Kluwe demands an Izzy’s ice cream cone? Then he can get an Izzy drop too and get two flavors for one. Amazing. And if they have Midnight Snack when he flavors up? This all of a sudden becomes more one-sided than the Hershel Walker trade.

All in all, another good week from Kluwe.