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Warren Moon’s Ex-Wife Sounds Like a Blast

Remember Warren Moon? He was like Favre before Favre was Favre but never quite like Favre because not nearly as many people wanted to strangle him with a pair of Wranglers. So I assume. The other difference is that you don’t hear stories like this coming from Deanna Favre (which is kind of too bad). To the news story!

Police said the couple was engaged in a sexual act. Organizers at the camp said police didn’t tell them right away and they had no idea what happened until Tuesday.

Felicia Moon, 55, and the man she was with, James Thomas, 50, are charged with public lewdness. The Waller County Sheriff’s Office said no bond had been set.

On Tuesday night the camp was set up near Hawkley. The trail boss said she didn’t think what Moon and Thomas were accused of doing was a big deal.

“Well, they were out on the field, so whatever,” said Nannie Francies. “I don’t see it as big deal. When people go out on the trial, people tend to do what they want to do.”

The couple in question here is Felicia Moon and some dude named James Thomas (THE MAN WITH TWO FIRST NAMES!) and they were at a cowboy ranch, which – from what I can gather – is essentially a place where you go play Cowboys and Indians but instead of fake-shooting Indians you get to place your smoking gun in a cock holster not attached to your belt. Sounds like a blast!

Now, Ms. Moon can do whatever she wants, I suppose. Although no one likes to imagine 50+ year old people getting it on, there’s something to be said about keeping things full of spice in a relationship, even when you’re getting a bit older. Good for her, good for her.

The other piece her is that whoever this trail boss is that goes by the name of Nannie Fancies sounds like a bad ass bitch that you’d want on your side, taking shots of whisky and shooting raccoons or some shit. People DO tend to do what they want, so back the hell off, police man!

When asked for comment, Warren Moon had nothing to say because I didn’t actually ask him for a comment, but I do bring this up because I figure another peripheral mention of him in this post qualifies it as Vikings related. We all win!

Source: Busted Coverage