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We Must Vote for Aaron Rodgers (To Break His Leg)!

A while back we discussed how the Madden video game franchise is letting fans vote on who will be the cover athlete for Madden ’12, the game where you get to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement before playing four games late in the season. We wrote it kind of as a throw away, largely because, while it was kind of a fun little bit of non-football news about football, we didn’t really think anything would come of it.

Well, we’re all about real close to shed Rory McIlroy type tears.

As you can see our very own Purple Jesus is among the Final Four (VCU? Butler?) in this Madden contest, and if you have any kind of soul and self respect, you will support and vote the shit out of Aaron Rodgers to win this sum’bitch with flying colors.

I don’t care how many of you think the Madden Curse is a bunch of stomach fat, or if you don’t even play video games. I fucking care, and I fucking do play video games (not even in my mom’s basement anymore!) and I will not stand by and let Purple Jesus win this bitch only to let him go on and get a season ending injury on the field this year. BULLSHIT. I mean, just look at the rest of these candidates … Aaron Rodgers? Come on! If he’s not critically injured all season the Vikings don’t even have a chance to win a single game against the Packers next year. Peyton Hillis? A white running back? Might as well just put Toby Gerhart on this shit instead. At least his fat head would fill up the cover art. And Michael Vick? The dog killer? What better way for him to “redeem” himself then to shatter his spine under a dog pile?

So please, I don’t give a shit who you vote for, but when you vote here, please let it be anyone but Purple Jesus. This is one battle he can lose, one game he can be considered a “loser.” Because when he loses here, he loses for our wins, just like he’s supposed to.