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Well Who Else Do You Have Sex with in Green Bay?

News broke late Wednesday night that the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers may have some troubled waters ahead. Apparently, Packers defensive back Brandon Underwood has “entered a no-contest plea to one count of prostitution non-marital sexual intercourse.” Well of course it was non-marital. Who the hell marries a prostitute? Richard Gere? He’s a fucking sap, and he played that tight little ass for all she was worth too, let her KNOW she fucked for money, but still bought her necklaces and dresses and shit because he’s a gentleman, unlike Mr. Underwood, I’m guessing.

The news stems back to the alleged incident in June, where several Packer players were questioned in concern to these sexy complaints. The prostitute, who we all know we can trust, said that the sexual intercourse was forced (like cheering for a Bears win over the Packers), whereas once questioned, Underwood (on second though, kind of a funny name in a sexual misconduct case, isn’t it?) said it was consensual.

It’s hard to believe who is really telling the truth in this one, but PJD was lucky enough to get a picture of this prostitute that was involved in the sexual incident, and I must say, after seeing her weathered face, I’m starting to believe Underwood on this one. Take a look after the jump and tell me what you think …

Yeah. I mean, she’s pretty, I guess, if you’re into an athletic build and everything, but the eyes are so far apart all I can think about are Gypsies.

Luckily, the Packers have taken appropriate steps by removing this “woman” from their premises, so Underwood won’t be further distracted by her enormous clitoris. Smart move, Pack.