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What’s up With … Darren Sharper?

You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer! With that in mind, PJD has decided that it may be helpful to keep tabs on other NFC North teams and affiliated players to see if anything of significance has happened. So far … no, nothing, but it does give us an excuse to write about how stupid those people are:


So, what’s up with Darren Sharper? After four pretty solid years with the Vikings he signs with the Saints and starts bad mouthing our defense? That’s an interesting turn of events. Maybe you are forgetting, dear Sir, how the team that we signed you from, the Green Bay Packers, thought that you were already on the decline and didn’t want you back. Maybe you are also forgetting how members from this side of the river welcomed you with open arms instead of throwing batteries at your pompous ass when you signed in 2005, because we easily could have.

Now, let’s all be blunt here. You are the active career leader in interceptions, which is something to hang your fedora on. You also notoriously like to co-host local sports shows, which makes the show you’re on barely watchable instead of suicide inducing. Your first couple of years as a Vikings were also pretty good years for you, and Vikings fans were really able to stick it to those ol’ Packtards. But again, being blunt here, those first few years our defense also sucked major donkey balls. So … let’s put two and two together here. Our defense was an abortion and you were on our defense … in conclusion, you spent more time primping your hair line and fapping in a hyberbaric chamber than watching game tape of upcoming opponents. Congratulations, you were the best player on the worst defense.

Funny enough, when Tomlin and Frazier came in and actually turned this defense around, you numbers started declining. All of a sudden, you were the worst player on the best defense we’ve had in a decade. And as your parting shot, you claim the Vikings were the ones caught up in sticking to a system instead of letting players roam free? Well, guess what assface, last time a coordinator did that, his name was Ted Cottrell and we were a damn NFL laughing stock. You continue talk like this and you’ll find yourself quite quickly in the douche bag category with Dwight Smith.

So enjoy the threat of constant annihilation while you spend a season or two in New Orleans. I’m sure Greg Williams, their new defensive coordinator who you say is apparently a charm to play for, has made a great defensive name for himself by letting his players do whatever they want. And don’t think for a second that you ass is safe their either, princess, because these guys apparently love to cut former Packers. Enjoy the levees! Douche.