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Whoring Myself out for your Mail Dump

Did you just get a bunch of money for your Christmas present?? I bet you did. I bet that you are like most people in the world now that shirk away from the large wrapped items in favor of money filled envelopes because no longer does the large wrapped item mean it’ll be fun for you. No, it mostly means that it has many tiny parts that you’ll fight yourself over to put together and then you’ll be frustrated and end up hating your Christmas Eve. Maybe you’re that loser family that actually waits until Christmas morning to open up all of your presents. I never liked that. Don’t know why. Regardless, you’re sitting on a pile of cash now, so why not ask PJD how you can spend that cash for this week’s Mail Dump? I could give you several suggestions, most notably to buy that awesome looking shirt up top among the many others at our merchandise shop. If not that (probably because you hate me) we’ll answer as appropriately as we can to make sure you blow your cash wad on something PERFECT for you!

So send in your questions, comments, funny pictures, Twitter feeds, revolting images, sad Christmas stories, and everything else to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com, hit us at our Twitter page, heck, follow us on Facebook or leave a comment here. Enjoy the holiday! Remember, the Mail Dump will appear on Monday for Monday Night Football. I didn’t use an exclamation point there because MNF hardly deserves one anymore. Just an FYI.