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Would You Accept Donovan McNabb Throwing Up on Our Home Field?

Peter King ruined everyone’s Monday when he decided it was high time to mention something about the Minnesota Vikings again. Im assuming this is from his “Monday Morning Glory Hole” or whatever it is he still writes about, but since I haven’t visited Sports Illustrated without a mission to jerk it to the swim suit models, I’m not sure what exactly goes on over there. His quote:

“The Vikings can sleep better at night knowing they don’t have to rely on Joe Webb with a suspect offensive line and a veteran defense as they try to make one last playoff run with this core. McNabb can be happy knowing he has one more chance to take a contender deep into the playoffs. But if this happens, he’d better take full advantage of it, because it might be his last shot with a contender.”


I’m actually not totally against this. I’ve always really liked McNabb (so sue me, read a blog that only likes white quarterbacks if you’re so pissed off) and thought at one point he’d be an interesting fit with this team. But then old Zygmut wizened up, canned the bald sum’bitch, hired a Dungy clone that’s started to degenerate, who THEN hired some guy that runs an offense like a junior varsity squad. Allegedly. Because we really have no idea what the hell Musgrave does besides tell quarterbacks to “trow it datta way!” And McNabb was allegedly too stupid to pick up an offense that John FUCKING Elway was able to learn. And, don’t quote me, but Elway can’t match a pair of pants with a pair of socks, from what I’m making up.

The other issue to consider is cost. The rest of the article I linked to ALL the way at the top of this article if you care to actually go read it, mentions that McNabb could possibly be had at a pretty small price. Like a conditional 4th round pick in 2012. They don’t mention anything for this year, but I would guess something else would have to come up front. And then you think to yourself … Are the Vikings going to trade picks for McNabb, draft a rookie, and then leave themselves with two picks to fix an entire team? That seems beyond retarded, right? I just want to make sure I’m not the only one thinking that.

The other side to this is that none of the quarterbacks in this draft class are guaranteed to be anything special. Do you grab McNabb (rhymes!) and hope for a better future? The team is still built to win now, so what do you do? I also was under the impression that McNabb’s fake contract extension he signed was set up for him to get cut this offseason, anyway. And he’s only, what, 35? He’s barely a fucking kitten in Vikings QB years.

 So different scenario; if he’s just a blanket free agent, would you still take him? DISCUSS THAT WHILE PETER KING AND I DRINK LATTES.