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WR Greg Childs Sustains Some Damage, But Did He Make the Catch?

An ugly scene begins to roll into Mankato, Minnesota Saturday night as the Minnesota Vikings finish their training camp run through. In a freak accident that occurs near the end of the scrimmage, rookie wide receiver Greg Childs leaps astonishingly into the air to bring in a remarkable catch, only to land in an awkward position which causes him to tear the patellar tendons in both of his knees. A blood curdling cry splits the evening sky as he loses all ability to walk in an instant, and throwing not only his rookie year into question, but the possibility of his NFL future. However … The question remains … Was he able to bring in the catch? We delve deeper into his mind to figure out his thought process this evening …

“Oh man, I see the ball coming right at me! I’m going to have to jump far for this one, but it’ll be worth it. I can’t wait to hear the cheers from the crowd as I make this catch. What a highlight reel this will be! I’ll just turn my head around to get a better visual on the ball and …”


“Ouch! I pulled my neck too soon and got a muscle pinch! It burns like lava around there! I can barely turn my head side to side! No matter. I have to go on! The ball is almost in my grasps. I better jump now or I’ll miss it. I’ll take one more step …”


“Dammit! Is that turf toe now? Come on! No matter Greg. It’s just a little stumble. Just limp into your next step, your jumping leg, and then when you catch the ball you can just land on your back and come down with it. It’ll be fine, won’t have to worry about that turf toe at all. Here it is, I better jump …”


“Ack! My leg! I think I pulled a hamstring extending myself too far. Yup, definitely. I can feel the bruise starting from my knee-pit all the up to my butt. Holy mother, this is going to be a bad one. Black, blue, a little yellow, maybe some green. Worth it though! Totally worth it, because what a jump! Look at how high I sailed! I can’t miss this ball, it’s coming like right at my face now. I’ll just put my hands out there and snatch it straight from the air then …”


“Sonnova! That jammed my pointer finger all the way back! It’s bending the wrong way! I didn’t even think fingers could do this! Wow, this really hurts. I mean, really! Is that bone? Did bone peak through? No, no … That’s just got to be the white of the glove. Just keep telling yourself that. It doesn’t matter anyway, I got the ball. What a grab! This is fantastic, such a rush! I made a great play! I can’t wait to do this in a real game! Now I just need to tuck my legs underneath me and touchin’ down …”



If it doesn’t start you off there, fast forward ALL THE WAY to the 01:12:30 mark for reference. And speedy recovery for Greg Childs. Sucks, dude. We will miss your shirtless pictures, and we barely even knew yee.