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You Can Also Add Lil’ Wayne to your Hit List

I’ll be honest, I never much cared for shitty rap music that people who had a “Lil'” in their name produced, and that is particularly true for Lil’ Wayne here, who has somehow become ESPN’s go-to cross-over guy for hip-hop and sports references, which blows my damn mind. I’m not super familiar with his music outside of knowing he doesn’t really try very hard, it makes people’s ears bleed, and is an embarrassment to music in general, but I do know I never was much of a fan of his to begin with.

If you were, however, and you needed any further reason to maybe finally delete his electroshock therapy mp3’s from your hard drive, I present to you a picture of Lil’ Wayne at the Super Bowl this last weekend, being an asshole, decked out in Packers gear, while making a face that looks strikingly like a puckering anus. Enjoy!