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Your Mail Dump Reminder and Potentially Starting a PJD Fantasy League
WE could all have this much fun!!

Since the Mail Dump of last week was such a HUGE success, we decided to give it another go ’round this week. At the very least you jackles understand how this works with that first Dump, so hopefully more of you will be inclined to participate. Remember, send anything you want, LITERALLY ANYTHING, to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com and we’ll toss it in the Mail Dump. Some topics to consider asking about:

– Will Darius Reynaud make the team?

– What the hell is the deal with Sage Rosenfels?

– Do you think Jeff Dugan could punch through my face?

– Have you ever accidentally skeeted to an ugly chick? Maybe a guy? Because I totally haven’t, I’m just … uh, asking for a friend.

So you get the idea. Hit me up and we’ll have fun.

Also, everyone is starting to think about fantasy football this time of year. PJD would LOVE to sponsor a league where the winner get s free t-shirt from our wide selection of merchandise, but we would like some feedback. If you were to join, what site would you prefer? What day to do a live draft online? What’s your scoring preference? Can we post pictures of our girlfriends on the league message board (You most certainly can)? If you, or friends, want to get in on a free league with a final prize, leave a comment and we’ll start planning it.

And e-mail me something funny already. I’m not kidding around. Even shoot me a question on Twitter, I don’t care. DO SOMETHING.