Watch: Blue Jays fans mock Fernando Rodney’s arrow-shooting gesture

It’s no secret that Fernando Rodney’s signature ‘bow and arrow’ celebration is one of the most annoying routines in all of baseball.

Most teams don’t enjoy seeing him shoot an imaginary arrow toward the sky when he closes out a game and records a save.
Rodney save
And apparently, fans don’t like it all that much either. A group of Toronto Blue Jays fans recently decided to troll Rodney after he came in for a save opportunity, and they did a perfect rendition of his go-to move.
Rodney save
The shirtless bro in the middle really hammered it home, and he was entertaining to watch.

And while it wasn’t as good as when Albert Pujols and Mike Trout walked off against Rodney and mocked him along the way—which is still great to watch over and over—it did the job.
Rodney save

Rodney has recorded 35 saves thus far this season. That’s 35 ‘bow and arrow’ celebrations we could probably do without, so it’s great to see fans having fun and giving him a taste of his own medicine.


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