Video: Fan spikes ground with awful first pitch at Astros game

One lucky Astros fan was invited to throw out the first pitch before Tuesday night’s Oakland-Houston matchup at Minute Maid Park.

But after watching her toss the ball as poorly as 50 Cent recently did, the team may want to consider vetting their choices next time.

She took the mound and cocked her arm back with Orbit and friends behind the plate ready to catch her pitch. But she spiked the ball straight down, and it bounced and rolled left toward the first base line.

One of the play-by-play guys even made a joke that she should be throwing out a first pitch for the Rockies.

Even Orbit seemed disappointed as he buried his head in his hands after watching. But he gave her a hug after it was all over because that’s just the type of alien mascot he is.


Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy a good laugh about it afterward, including the fan herself. But next time she might want to take a practice pitch before taking the mound.

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