Video: Astros mascot attempts to heckle Rangers player but gets hit in crotch instead

Lessons were learned when Houston Astros’ mascot, Orbit, was up to his usual heckling in Saturday night’s intrastate matchup.

Unfortunately for him, Texas Rangers first baseman J.P. Arencibia was not down with being bullied, and Orbit ended up getting hit in the crotch instead.

As Arencibia entered the on-deck circle in the fourth inning of the game, Orbit attempted to get him rattled from behind.

But Arencibia was one step ahead of him. And instead of a laugh, Orbit got slapped in the crotch area by the Rangers first baseman. And he wasn’t all that happy about it, so he threw his cap against the protective screen in retribution.
Orbit vs Arencibia 1
…It was probably a bad idea to get on Orbit’s bad side. He looked pretty upset after receiving the unfriendly tap.

After it happened, Orbit bent over in agony. All males know how bad it hurts to get hit in that particular area.
Orbit vs Arencibia 2
And the Astros’ mascot would get his revenge. When Arencibia got to the plate, he struck out after swinging through a breaking ball.Orbit vs Arencibia 3

Arencibia probably won’t want to tangle with Orbit (or any other mascot) any time soon. But Orbit might think twice about bullying in the future after taking a hit in the breadmaker.


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