Was Cuba Gooding Jr. Drunk on Stage at NHL Awards?

For some reason, Cuba Gooding Jr. was chosen to be a presenter at Tuesday night’s 2014 NHL Awards, which was held at Wynn Las Vegas. And his performance and demeanor on stage were even more awkward than you’d think.

He started off talking about a “reverse oreo,” which poked fun about being in the middle of Mark Messier and Adam Graves. But this wasn’t stand-up comedy hour, and it wasn’t the right time for this type of humor.

Both Graves and Messier looked like they couldn’t wait to get off stage and away from the awkward situation, and they also seemed to be holding him upright so he could keep his balance. “Don’t grab my a–!” was what you can hear him saying to Messier, which is weird.

But it wasn’t over then. He went out with a bang—attempting a head slap and kicking what looked to be a speaker.

Being that the event was held in Vegas, and after watching that kick, there’s a pretty good chance that the actor was intoxicated. Or at least we hope so, because most people don’t act that way in public. But it looked as if everyone had a good time. And no harm, no foul.

Matt Birch

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