Kevin Durant Completes 4-Point Play with Amazing Fadeaway Jumper While Falling Backwards

Kevin Durant is a shoo-in to win this season’s MVP award. Week in, week out, he continues to make plays and knock down ridiculous shots that few humans on this planet can accomplish.

Last night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies was no different, as he drilled an amazing shot from the corner to pull his team back from what seemed like an insurmountable lead to force overtime.

With under 15 seconds remaining, and the Grizzlies leading by five points, the Thunder did everything they could to get the ball to their playmaker. Unfortunately, he was blanketed by Marc Gasol and stuck in the corner.

But it was no problem for Durantula. Even with some contact from Gasol, he fell backwards and knocked down an amazing three-pointer from the corner. He followed up by sinking the free throweffectively completing the four-point play.

The Thunder would use the big play to force overtime. But they struggled to get stops on defense all night, and went on to lose, 111-105.

Matt Birch

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