NBA: Finals-Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs

Watch: Tim Duncan Throws Down Powerful Dunk

38-year-old Tim Duncan has played in 1,254 games during the course of his NBA career, but he can still put it down when in close. The Heat learned this lesson the hard way, early in the first quarter of Sunday’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

It all started when Marco Belinelli came streaking into the lane and attempted a 4-foot “hook” shot, which he missed. The ball bounced off the rim, but it never fell to the floor.

Duncan timed his jump perfectly—beating Chris Bosh for position inside and perfectly corralling the ball in his hand—and proceeded to slam the ball through the hoop for an electric dunk.

Fun fact: Duncan has played in more playoff games than 17 (!) NBA teams have in their entire history, including the Heat (via @Jose3030).


And he can shoot pretty well, too.

(H/T: SB Nation)

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